Catrina Talavera With Dancing Dress


  • Beautiful Mexican Figure of Dancing Catrina of Talavera Pottery to decorate your or any corner of your house, with this ceramic art your visitors will love your Mexican Decor
  • The Artesano’s ceramic Dancing Catrina it has measures 10.2 inches long by 3.9 inches deep and 8.6 inch high approximately this hanging decoration it’s perfect for your decoration of day of dea
  • This talavera catrina dancing looks spectacular with the best quality in the colors and it’s perfect for decor
  • 100% artesania mexicana Made in Mexico you can gift this catrina to your familiar who’s loves the mexican talavera or other products of clay ceramic and tell him its a souvenir from cancun ;)
  • Our products are handmade and hand painted therefore you will be acquiring a unique item so it could also vary a little with the photo shown

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